Tony Dohrmann

I am Tony Dohrmann

This is my Entrepreneurial journey

A Stroll through the Life of an Entrepreneur

The following pages are glimpses of the highs and lows in the lfe of the entrpreneur Anthony Dohrmann.

Fasten your seatbelts, it can be a wild ride! 



Anthony Dohrmann

Anthony Dohrmann entrepreneur and inventor, has invented service products in healthcare, security and business development. He has experience developing consumer electronics requiring regulatory certifications, layered electronics, engineering of PCBs and firmware. His experience also includes injection molding, packaging and design, patent protection, mass production, supply chain and fulfillment systems. In addition, Anthony knows CRM solutions, and point-of-sale materials. His span of knowledge and experience has only served to enhance his ability to envision, create and produce quality tangible products. It also serves to make him a cream-of-the-crop advisor to other entrepreneurs and small business.

Born in 1966 in Marin County, California, the love of blue sky, water, sun and life was never lost on Anthony Dohrmann. Being raised in southern California seems to encourage a love of a challenge, a compassion for living things and a mentality that great things are possible. At least it seems that is what became engrained into this young man as his future would surely show.  

Learning Public Relations Early On

Adopted by his stepfather who was an accomplished public relations specialist, Tony quickly learned the ins and outs of communicating thought on a much higher level than his peers. At seventeen years of age, while developing his own customer base in landscaping and tree trimming, Tony also worked part-time for a local security alarm contractor. It was this particular weekend position that peeked his interest in electronics and security. Consequently, he quickly became employed full-time with Alarmson Security in the San Fernando Valley.

Alarmson, at the time, was the market specialist in high volume security alarm sales to small business. Tony absolutely absorbed all the information he could; the do’s and don’ts, installation, equipment troubleshooting, and best business practices. And with that, Tony would begin his journey as an entrepreneur, a savvy businessman and one who would make big impact, even if he didn’t know it at the time.

Managerial Experience for a Lifetime

From ages 19 to 23, he began working his way up at a medium size residential and commercial high-end security business, California Security. Anthony moved from technical and installation services to sales, to developing inventory control systems, new marketing programs, and was ultimately promoted to General Manager, running the business for Founder Phillip Nordella.

When California Security was sold to American Home Security Tony remained on to assist in the transition of subscribers during the acquisition. Based on his experience, he continued to consult in a variety of areas including sales, training, marketing, alternative growth strategies, technology design, mergers and acquisitions.