Tony Dohrmann

I am Tony Dohrmann

This is my Entrepreneurial journey

From ICU to Thriving

A Long Hard Look

In August of 2009, Anthony re-hired his former Chief Financial Officer. After an extensive audit,  and he was informed that LaserShield was in extremely bad shape. It had lost a substantial amount of customers and revenue in just 180 days under the takeover team. Debt was elevated to $10.3M dollars and the company was suddenly in a fragile revenue position. The former CEO installed by the takeover team was now controlled the entire customer operating platform, hosted at his other company, and he was reluctant to cooperate. Anthony was told the business would not survive 60 days.

Time and Focus

Within 24 months LaserShield turned around under Anthony’s leadership. He eliminated $10M in outstanding debt and avoided the threat of a bankruptcy reorganization. He reversed the restructure consequently restoring stockholder private equity. He relaunched dealer sales channels and produced new marketing campaigns and media. After personally reaching out, he was able to unite former dealers and vendors, create expanded private labeled product and service offerings, and even enhanced technologies. All these mindful decisions would then allow LaserShield to pursue desired recession-lucrative business opportunities, without the expense of having to acquire another company.

Years later Anthony is still at no loss for energy or passion for LaserShield. At the end of 2012, LaserShield Company began to breathe fully on its own. It continues to service customers in all 50 US states. It is cash positive. It began its first recapitalization effort after years of now capital access, requiring less 10% less capital to support marketing campaigns, than formally anticipated.

Once Fragile, Now Thriving

LaserShield is Anthony’s most amazing success story. He successfully challenged the bleak outlook and advice of legal teams and business advisors who said, “it cannot be done”. For 3 years, Anthony worked for LaserShield for free, drawing no compensation, and working other successful projects including LaserShield’s turnaround. Today, Anthony will tell you, “it absolutely can be done with enough integrity, conviction, ingenuity and follow-through”. LaserShield is once again a well-respected, national brand to be proud of.

The LaserShield line has expanded over the years to meet a variety of protection needs, including a “professional” model that offers many of the traditional features of alarm systems without the headaches. LaserShield is a viable means of quality protection and especially relevant for small business and families.