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Rough Waters for LaserShield

Rapids Ahead

LaserShield had many types of investors and owners and at one point merged with another company. Anthony was about a 5% owner and there was millions in creditors, private investors and strategic partners. A near majority of the company was owned by a single shareholder who swung a few more votes to enact a takeover during the 2008/2009 market downturn to leverage the company to offset his losses in other deals. Anthony resigned over it in protest and kicked off a stockholder war.

Meanwhile, the selected new management team all but killed the LaserShield business. It teetered on the brink of collapse for two years, made worse by the collapse of the company’s major retailers (circuit city and CompUSA). The major stockholder who initiated the takeover had to vote with the other major stockholders to call Anthony back to determine if the company could be saved.

Some of the investors in that deal are currently our strongest partners today. At the top of that lisr is Rapid Response Monitoring. The deal wasn’t supposed to survive but Anthony brought back a team to turn things around without a bankruptcy.

In the end, the former merger was unraveled after an exchange of some technologies and some investors walked away with a huge return on time and money equating to nearly $4M. Creditors and lenders got out with 10% annual rates on their capital. Others were liquidated with break-evens or a little better. $10.3M in creditor debt was retired.

Part of Anthony's  vision was to develop a long-term strategy for the company once it was clear it would survive. The corporation is renamed and doing some very exciting things in media, technology and faith oriented services. All agreed only God could have carried them through a time suach as they had experienced and  they voted unanonymously to give the business to Him for the future.

A large group of stockholders are with this new company supporting new initiatives, capitalizing and launching new products. Many prior LaserShield stockholders are the visionary founding stockholders in Electronic Caregiver. As a matter of fact, several million dollars of ECG stock was purchased by LaserShield stockholders quite enthusiastically due the loyalty of a team dedicated to their best interest.