Tony Dohrmann

I am Tony Dohrmann

This is my Entrepreneurial journey

Testing the Waters while Swimming in the Deep End

Anthony Dohrmann Begins his Security Journey

Anthony co-founded Lone Star Security, North Star Security, and in 1994 independently founded Gold Coast Security in California. Gold Coast Security served mid- to high-end industrial and residential security applications. At Gold Coast, he honed his skills in developing innovative direct-to-consumer print, radio and television advertising campaigns.

In 1995 Anthony began consulting to other entrepreneurs and industries, developing an accomplished public speaking and training business. He told his story. They listened and learned. He then founded Income Builders of Los Angeles which he operated and expanded throughout Southern, California. This consulting firm offered ongoing consulting, and upscale, 7-day entrepreneurial business development seminars. In addition to operating offices in 3 cities, he was the lead recruitment and keynote speaker for other national entrepreneurial training companies. This was a natural and successful development as his public speaking and entrepreneurialism collided.

Learning and Loving the Growing

From 1995 to 2002, Tony coordinated all sales, recruitment, event coordination and on-sight production for these large, seven-day promotional events. The events featured elaborate, 32-crew member live productions and trainings. Anthony worked with some of the leading personal coaches and business trainers.

Anthony’s schedule included training and speaking upon shared platforms with celebrity personalities and best-selling authors including Tom Justin, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Linda Chandelor, Wally Minto, Dr. Jerry Teplitz, Barry Spilchuk, T Harv Ecker, Joel Robert and Bob Harrison. It was during this time and exposure to these personalities that Tony received his deep-seated desire to inspire, encourage and make a difference through example and words. He realized the contribution one human can effect on another, and this was the beginning of his desire to make an impact. In 2012, he would realize where that desire came from and why.

The Early Results of an Entrepreneur Skillset

The entrepreneurs Tony trained were responsible for launching over 1,200 businesses in just under a decade. The precipice would be the reason he created Self Employed Magic, LLC (SEM), which produces educational materials for small and medium business owners and startup entrepreneurs. Life was moving him into yet another direction and Anthony successfully sold Gold Coast Security to DynaWatch, a division of Protection One, in 1997.