Tony Dohrmann

I am Tony Dohrmann

This is my Entrepreneurial journey

The Electronic Caregiver; The Silent yet Powerful Sister


The Electronic Caregiver Company was launched during Anthony’s absence from LaserShield. Developed with a skeletal team of outstanding professionals in their field, ECG systems were a 'new' concept. The medical alert response industry was about to be rattled like never before. Electronic Caregiver Systems were strategically and methodically created to help prevent the emergency conditions that required their use.


Keeping Them From Using the System


Features such as medication reminders were added to the system to help keep its users on track and avoid some of the complications of medication misuse.

The inactivity monitor was included to reduce the drastic average 18 hours a senior lies on the floor undiscovered after a fall. The highest training possible was required of those answering a customers' call for help. Teenaged call takers with flip charts in front of them would not be good enough for Electronic Caregiver customers. And if the features created for the customers' best interest wasn't enough to rattle this industry, it's business model certainly would. 


Collaboration for Positive Impact


The Electronic Caregiver Company collaborates through its sales programs with national third-party administrators, hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, medical equipment companies, home health agencies, insurance agencies, national senior housing operations, and direct sales networks. The commonality of these providers is their concern for the well-being of their consumers. And the Electronic Caregiver compliments each of these in that effort. By creating partnerships within the communities that care for our consumers, we are enabled to be part of an effort in providing the comprehensive care they deserve.


Truth is though, as good as this product is, as premeir and as thoughtful, Anthony Dohrmann was not done yet.